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Getting to Valley Ridge Farm

These directions start at Pierpont Landing at the Pierpont Road exit 7 off of I-68 (across the overpass bridge from Glenmark Center & Lowe’s). It takes about 25 minutes from Pierpont Landing to Valley Ridge.

1. Start out on Cheat Rd / County Hwy-857 passing Pierpont Landing on your left.

2. From Pierpont Landing, you’ll drive less than a mile and come to a 3 way stop sign. Turn right onto Tyrone Avery Rd

3. You’ll be on Tyrone Avery Road about 1.8 miles or so before it comes to an end at a “T”. Turn right onto Tyrone Road (I don’t think there is a street sign).

4. You’ll be on Tyrone Road for just over 1/4 mile and then you’ll make the first left onto Snake Hill Rd.

5. You’ll be on Snake Hill Road for about 4 miles and then you need to start looking on the right side of the road for a sign that says “Valley Ridge Farm Next Left,” just before a picnic shelter in front of Sturgiss Chapel church. This is about a quarter mile AFTER Cales Road - do not turn off of Snake Hill Road until you reach Sturgiss Church! Just a few feet past Sturgis Chapel on your left, there is a little gravel road (Sturgiss School Road) directly before a big grey building which sometimes has dump trucks outside of it. Turn left onto this road.

6. You’ll be on this gravel road for a few miles, about 5-7 minutes. Go slow … part of it is one lane and there are a few parts with some big potholes! You’ll follow it all the way to a sharp right curve in the road. Go around that curve and down the hill. In about 2 minutes, you’ll see the outdoor ring on your right and the Valley Ridge Farm barn on the left.

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