Proper Attire and Gear

Proper Attire and Gear
Valley Ridge Farm, Inc

– Riding Helmet Troxel and Ovation are high quality, comfortable, and affordable. Helmets marketed for other sports are not safe for horseback riding. We have helmets that we can loan for the first month, but all students will need to supply their own helmet after their first month.

– Riding Pants breeches, jodhpurs, or riding leggings are designed to improve grip as well as prevent extra wear and tear on the saddle. You can purchase these on Amazon, as well as any equestrian website.

– Riding Boots: Proper fitting boots with an appropriate heel are an important part of rider safety. Other boots or shoes can slip through the stirrup and get caught, which is a major safety issue. Children can wear paddock boots, teens and adults can wear either paddock boots with half chaps, or tall boots.

– Riding Shirt Neat, snug fitted shirt. Jackets or vests are acceptable in cold weather-keeping your muscles warm is important!

– Riding Gloves Riding gloves improve grip, and prevent rubs or blisters, as well as prevent numb fingers in the winter. You can get lightweight gloves for summer, and heavyweight gloves for winter. Children under the age of 7 do not need gloves, although we still recommend them, if you can find ones that fit! Young kids don’t like blisters or cold fingers any more than adults do!

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