Barn Rules

Barn Rules
Valley Ridge Farm, Inc

When using our barns and facilities, please feel free to ask questions or express your concerns at any time. Although sometimes it seems that we are extremely busy (and very often we ARE extremely busy), we will always find the time to listen. Sometimes catching us with free time is impossible, but we will be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss any issue on your mind. We would much rather be aware of the matter than hear about it from another source.

Please understand that Valley Ridge Farm is, of necessity, a business first and foremost. We cannot continue to operate without satisfied customers. To that end, and to help ensure the enjoyment of all, the following rules and etiquette standards apply to everyone.

-Riders must be neatly dressed in appropriate attire for lessons.

– Keep the barn neat- please be sure to put everything back where you found it, and picking up things that others may have forgotten is always appreciated!

– Respect the privacy of others, and of the business. Please do not enter the office area or another boarder’s trunk or stall without the express permission of the owner and/or management.

-If you have a problem with management, discuss it with them. Please do not talk behind the backs of others. If you cannot find a solution, find another place.

If you are going to be the last one out of the barn, be sure you know whether doors should be open or closed, gates locked, etc. Always ask if you are unsure!

-Guests are your responsibility. Make sure they know the rules and follow them. Nothing is more dangerous than someone with little or no horse experience turned loose in a stable. Be especially careful of young children in the barn, and supervise them closely.

– We ask riders under age 18 not to arrive at the barn more than one hour prior to their lesson time, and riders under 15 not be left at the barn without an adult on the property, unless you have Michele’s permission. Children under age 10 may not be unattended in the barn at any time!

– Lessons may be watched from the upstairs lounge (indoor arena) or bleachers (outdoor arena). NO SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED IN THE ARENA WHILE HORSES ARE IN THE ARENA FOR SAFETY REASONS.

– Please do not attempt to coach your child while they are riding. This is disruptive and distracting, and can lead to dangerous situations when a rider’s focus is on the parent rather than the teacher.

– Instructors have a reason for every lesson they teach. While you may prefer to focus on something different, trust that your instructor has a purpose for what they’re focusing on, and please refrain from asking to work on different skills during the lesson. Interrupting the instructor for concerns other than safety or clarification is disruptive to the class.

-During lessons, ‘head on’ passing should be done left side to left side, unless one rider calls ‘rail.’ Slower riders should ride to the inside, at least 15’ off the rail.