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Valley Ridge Farm's wonderful school horses

Dedicated to creating the next generation of great riders

Family with child riding horses at Valley Ridge Farm

A Place for Every Rider


Whether you are 5 or 75, just beginning your journey, or a life long equestrian, Valley Ridge Farm has what you need. The Valley Ridge Farm teaching philosophy emphasizes a reliance on teaching the fundamentals of classical equitation to a high degree of competency. This includes balance, calmness, and coordination. In other words, learning correctly from the very beginning. We pride ourselves on training skilled, independent riders, not instant riders. What option is right for you?

A Supportive Barn Family


We firmly believe that it is important that our riders learn in a supportive and positive atmosphere, and we strive to continuously provide constructive suggestions on how to correct the negative. In addition to being an exciting and challenging sport, the process of engaging in equine sports offers a relaxing, social environment for both adults and children — a perfect escape from everyday tension and stress. The process of developing awareness and control of the body and its relationship to the horse makes the learning process itself an inherently rewarding experience.

Young Equestrian with palamino horse

Ridge Riders IEA


Ridge Riders is a competitive equestrian team for youths in grades 4-12, under charter of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association. The mission of the team is to promote the appreciation of the equestrian sport and safe riding, to support and develop local amateur athletes for the equestrian sport by conducting and participating in equestrian competitions, and to further provide youths with equine educational opportunities beyond competitions.

The Ridge Riders IEA Team was established in 2009 and is comprised of a competitive high school team and a middle school team. Both equestrian teams are under the leadership and direction of Coach Michele Koury and are hosted at Valley Ridge Farm, Inc. The Ridge Riders High School Team consists of riders from North Central West Virginia and Western Maryland.

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